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Website Optimisation SolutionsYour website is the shop window for your business online and many businesses invest a lot of money in the design, and rightly so. However, most businesses are also guilty of neglecting other key elements of their website, such as content and search engine optimisation, user experience, and conversion rate optimisation. All of these, when done well, can improve the success of your website and how it works for your business. A process, I call, website optimisation.


At Scott Ferguson Marketing I can help make sure that your website is an effective tool for your business:

  • Content – your website may be number 1 in terms of design, but if your content isn’t up to scratch then you could be missing out on potential enquiries and sales, appearing lower down in organic search results, and failing to keep your customers on your website. Well-structured and written content is key to the success of your website.

At Scott Ferguson Marketing, I can review and improve your current content or help you develop your content from scratch for a new website build.

  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) – SEO is essential when helping your target market to find your website. SEO should be taken into account when designing the website and producing the content. Often this is not the case and that’s where I come in.

I can help you increase your rankings in relevant searches through the identification of keywords for your business. I can also look at your website’s current or potential design and content to see if your SEO is effective. If not, I can tell you how to achieve better results through implementing SEO best practice.

  • User experience – when someone visits your website you need to make sure that the user experience is as easy and enjoyable for them as possible. My user experience analysis and planning services focus on navigation, content, the user journey, from entrance to exit, and current statistics (bounce rate, average period of time on site, number of pages viewed etc..). The easier and more user-friendly your website is the more positive the results from your visitors.
  • Conversion rate optimisation – every website has objectives that it’s designed to achieve. Whether that’s to encourage online purchase, the download of information, registering to receive a newsletter or to pick up the phone and make an enquiry.

Often websites have more than one objective, but are you meeting your objectives currently?

If not, Scott Ferguson Marketing can help, I can review your current website, or help you when planning your new one, and assess the design, content, and user experience. I can then use this information to improve, or plan, how to achieve a high conversion rate based on your objectives for the whole of your website.

The fact is that many customers, both businesses, and individuals, will go to your website in the first instance. Once there, you need to be able to influence them to respond to your call to action, whether that’s to purchase from you, contact you, or give you their contact details.


Optimise Your Online Presence

For more information on how I can help with website optimisation, contact me today!

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