Social Media Paid Advertising Options

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Social Media Paid Advertising

What paid advertising options are available to you on social media?

Social media is well and truly embedded in most businesses marketing strategy and the day to day promotional activity that they carry out. It’s affordable, opens up access to a huge number of your potential customers, and offers a channel for two way communication between your business and your potential customers.

Something else that many social media platforms now offer is the option to pay to reach your target audience through various advertising options. So what advertising options are available to you and which options are most suited to your business?

LinkedInLinkedIn Paid Advertising Options

LinkedIn advertising runs in a similar way to Facebook in that you design your ad, set your budget and the cost-per-click that you are willing to pay, define your target market, and then effectively bid against other advertisers in order for your ad to be shown. Your ad will be shown in various places across the platform, for example, as part of your news feed or search results and on the right hand side of the page. 


  • LinkedIn ads are perfect for targeting businesses and will reach people while they are in “work mode” so they are more likely to act upon the information. They are perfect for B2B marketing campaigns.
  • The platform isn’t as crowded as Facebook, that means that your advert is much more likely to be seen
  • Potential for a low cost per click if your targeting is right


  • If you are looking to attract consumers rather than business buyers then this isn’t the right option for you
  • If you achieve a low click through rate over the first couple of days of your ad, your ad won’t appear as often in favour of more popular campaigns
  • The targeting and testing options aren’t as comprehensive as those available in Facebook


Paid Facebook Advertising Options

Probably the most well-known option when it comes to advertising on social media, Facebook advertising has helped many businesses to get their offerings in front of their target market. The 


platform also offers a number of goal options, from increasing likes on your page, to promoting a specific offer in order to build your email list. Adverts appear in the newsfeed and down the right hand side of the page.



  • Allows you to set in-depth targeting, from location and age, to pages and topics of interest. This means that your advert is much more likely to be seen by your target market.
  • You get access to a great library of images at no extra cost
  • You can set daily or lifetime budgets for your campaign so you have total control over your budget
  • You can easily split test ads using different images and text in order to see what works for your audience


  • If you don’t know the ins and outs of Facebook advertising you can end up paying more than you would want to per page like or sign up
  • It’s great for targeting individuals as consumers but not so suited to targeting people as part of a B2B campaign
  • So many people are using advertising on this channel that it has driven the cost per lead up – getting your targeting right is extremely important


Instagram has burst onto the scene and is now a real rival to Facebook and Twitter; the platform has over 300 million users.

Instagram has recently launched advertising options for businesses and during the first round they are looking to work with brands who are already using the platform effectively to market their businesses. Instagram ads aren’t currently widely available but there is a real opportunity to get involved as part of the early stages, especially if you are promoting products and services that can be represented using dramatic eye catching images.


Another great image driven platform, Pinterest has also recently launched advertising options on a testing basis with the aim of opening the option up to more of its users going forward.

Pinterest advertising will offer the opportunity for businesses to promote their pins to a defined target market. As with other social media advertising programmes advertisers will pay for clicks through to their website.

Social media advertising is clearly a growing market and an attractive option for many businesses looking to get their message in front of their target audience.

Have you used paid social media advertising? Did it help you improve your traffic or brand awareness? Let me know in the comments below.

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