Content Marketing Strategy


Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is the buzzword of the moment, and it’s understandable why. Establishing and implementing an effective content content marketing strategymarketing strategy for your business can build a reputation for trust and expertise with your audience. Content marketing can position you and your business as a thought leader and influencer, and ultimately it can encourage people to buy from you.


Many businesses are in the dark as to what content marketing is and why they should be including it as part of their marketing strategy. This means that many businesses, aside from the occasional blog post, are not taking advantage of the opportunities available to them.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the production and sharing of useful information that is designed to interest and inform their target market. It is not sales literature or promotional emails, and it often involves advice and actions that readers can actively implement around the topic being discussed.

Content marketing comes in many forms. Your content marketing strategy could include blogs, articles, whitepapers, eBooks, videos, infographics, and more… it all depends on what’s right for your business.

The benefits of content marketing

I have noticed that companies, and more specifically my clients, have benefitted from implementing a well thought out content marketing strategy in a number of ways:

Increased awareness – when you put useful content out into the marketplace, whether that’s on your blog, YouTube channel, LinkedIn page, or as a guest writer, you encourage people to engage with you and your brand. Because your content isn’t sales driven it is much more likely to be read and responded to. According to the Custom Content Council, 61% of consumers surveyed said that they felt better about a company if they produced custom content, they were also more likely to buy from that company.
High organic search engine rankings – the importance of content marketing was highlighted when Google decided to change their algorithms to reward well written and useful content, rather than simply focusing on keywords. Well written content will most likely include the keywords and phrases your target audiences will be using in search, so good content is the best way to increase your position in organic search results. According to Content Plus, regularly updated blogs result in an average of 434% more indexed pages and 97% more indexed links.
Content sharing and interaction – content marketing is a great way to extend your reach. Well written and useful content will be shared and will get in front of the very people you are failing to reach through traditional marketing methods. If your content is of use to them, the reader is more likely to sign up to receive more information from you.
At Scott Ferguson Marketing I can help you to establish your objectives and develop a well thought out strategy for your content marketing activity. I can also help you to manage and measure the results from the content being produced and marketed, advise you on how to market your content and work with you to improve your results as you go forward.

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