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Website Analysis & Reporting

web analyticsWhat are the statistics from your website telling you and how can you use these numbers to improve your website and the results you are getting from it? How well is your social media working? What about your content marketing efforts, are they yielding results for your business?


You are not alone if you don’t know the answers to these questions. Many business owners are in the same boat.

The fact is that many businesses invest heavily in their online presence, particularly their website, but then fail to accurately monitor its effectiveness, either through lack of time or lack of knowledge. With effective monitoring tools such as Google Analytics available it has never been easier to monitor the effectiveness of your online presence.

The missing link comes with understanding what the data is telling you. That’s where Scott Ferguson Marketing can help.

Actionable Insights

I can help translate your data into an actionable plan, enabling you to improve the effectiveness of your online presence:

  • How effective is your website – through data such as bounce rates, average time on your website, repeat visitor numbers, and analysis the journey your visitors are taking through your website, I can offer suggestions for improvement. I can also set goals so that I can track the conversion rates related to your website objectives.
  • What response are you getting on social media – shares, retweets, comments, likes, and mentions are all indications of how effective your social media presence is. I can monitor results on an ongoing basis, identify what works and what doesn’t, and where improvements can be made. I can then work with you to implement and monitor the results from those improvements and increasingly improve how well your social media activity is supporting your business objectives.
  • Is your content marketing producing results – if you are putting content out into the marketplace then it is important to analyse how effective this is. Sharing, comments, downloads, response via social media channels, and enquiries generated are all great indicators. At Scott Ferguson Marketing I can monitor the effectiveness of your content marketing activity, offer advice on how to improve results, and plan improvements to future activity.

Web analytics

Analysis & Reporting Solutions

The objective of monitoring your marketing activity is to enable you to continually improve and increase results and effectively invest your budget in activities that yield results. All organisations should have a set of KPIs related to their business and the objectives and results they want to achieve, this makes measurement and monitoring so much easier.

As with so many marketing activities, the main hurdles for businesses which stop them from implementing improved activity going forward, are resources and time. That’s why outsourcing analysis & reporting to experts, such as Scott Ferguson Marketing, can be so beneficial for your business.

Get Actionable Insights

If you want to discuss how I can help analyse and decode the mounds of data produced by your website, social media, and content marketing activity, contact me today

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