Digital Marketing Consultant in Scotland


Digital Marketing Consultant in Scotland

Becoming a Digital Marketing Consultant

becoming a digital marketing consultantThere is something about running your own business that allows you to have a new and fresh perspective on your work.

For me, being the owner and director of my own digital marketing consultancy has resulted in me having a special and unique relationship with my clients – one where I understand their requirements and I treat their business as I would my own.


I am Scott Ferguson and I describe myself (on paper at least) as a digital marketing consultant, but my passion for all things digital means that my work encompasses so much more. From the smallest start-up business to the largest corporations, my expertise and experience can result in changes and improvements that prove to me that my hard work is all worthwhile.

Digital Marketing Skills

Because it really has been hard work. My Marketing & Management degree gained from The University of Stirling started me on the path towards my own consultancy business, but I was never one to rest on my laurels. I also indulged in additional training that is still ongoing. To date I am the proud holder of the following course certificates:

  • Google AdWords Individual Certification
  • Google Analytics Individual Certification
  • Hootsuite University Professional Certificate
  • Smart Insights Certificate in Digital Marketing

Since the completion of my degree, I have set up two online companies that combined my love of digital, technology, and marketing. This successful start led to a large number of short-term projects with UK-based clients and eventually to a worldwide base of regular clients, both large and small.

Digital marketing skills

Digital Marketing Solutions

I create digital strategies that suit the needs of my clients. My strengths lie in my ability to work across genres and industries and to come to solutions that are based on the special requirements of the business while bearing in mind budgets and timescales. It is a fine balancing act that results in the best outcomes for everyone.

My integrated approach to my work means that I am able to bring in key skilled people when needed to ensure the best overall result. I work with trusted individuals who I believe are the best in their field.

My belief is that my own knowledge-base is the key to my success and I never allow myself to become outdated or behind the digital times. My ongoing training keeps me abreast of all new developments – something that benefits my clients. Most of all, I care what happens to my clients, their businesses, their staff and their bottom-line.

Improving those things is the mark of my success.

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More About Scott

I am a digital marketing consultant with a focus on helping my clients achieve great results across key areas including; acquisition, conversion, and retention.

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