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How to Guest Blog

Guest Blogging – How to do it well

Guest blogging has had some bad press recently, this is mainly due to excessive keyword stuffing and link building for SEO purposes. Essentially, people got tired of this and started to look upon it as a form of spamming, it’s worth noting that the content surrounding the links and keywords was also not that good these cases.

As a result, the best practice with regards to guest blogging has been explored thoroughly, surely the whole point of guest blogging is to offer readers something of use, and the blog owner’s access to your expertise? Yes, you want to promote your business and your products, that’s why you are doing it, but you also need to ensure that the blog owner and their readers are getting something out of the situation – the aim is for a win-win result.

Because of spamming, guest blogging has seen something of a downturn in terms of how valuable it can be for your business and your blog. However, we shouldn’t turn our backs on it just yet. There are ways that you can be an excellent guest blogger, and in the process raise the profiles of you, your business, and the blog you are providing your post too.

Guest Blogging

The correct way to carry our guest blogging today:

Define your objectives

Why are you offering guest blog posts? Is it to build your personal image, the image of your business, to get links back to your website? The chances are that it’s all three, however, if you are just in it for link building then you need to think of another way forward as many blog owners will simply not accept blog posts that are fully focused on links back to your website. Any links included must support the copy.

Setting your objectives will also help you to measure whether your guest blog post has been successful or not in terms of fulfilling your objectives.

Read any contributor guidelines

Blogs that accept guest posts will most likely have a set of contributor guidelines for you to follow. You should always read these before you submit a pitch or write your blog post. Some blogs will want you to submit a pitch, whereas others will simply want you to send the full blog post.

Prepare your pitch

The bigger, more popular blogs in your industry will potentially receive 100s of guest blog post ideas each week, you need to make yours stand out from the crowd. Take a look at the kinds of guest blog posts that have been published before. What topics did they cover, how many links were included, which blogs received the most interaction from readers?

Once you have all of this information you can put together your pitch. Your pitch should be personalised, find out the name of the blog owner, and should offer a few topic ideas for the blog owner to choose from. Also, make sure that you introduce yourself fully and tell the blog owner exactly why they need a guest blog post written by you. What are your qualifications and areas of expertise, and what will the blog’s readers get out of reading one of your posts?

Only target relevant blogs

Targeting blogs that are not relevant to your business, or pitching ideas that are not relevant and will not be of interest to the blog owner or their readers, is a waste of your time and theirs. Better to highly target your approach than to try your luck with every blog under the sun.

Make sure your blog is well written, current, and contains useful content

Whether you are writing your blog post as part of your pitch, or in response to a successful pitch, make sure that it’s well written, that the topic and content are current, and that you present the information in a way that will appeal to the blog’s readers. This is for them, not for you, so write for your audience.

Include links – but only link to relevant content

It is OK to include links in your blog post, but only if they are relevant to the content. Link stuffing is just not professional and will do more harm than good to your reputation.

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